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Welcome to Menorca

Calm and peaceful, Menorca is know as the island of tranquility. Upon setting foot for the first time, you perceive the tranquil atmosphere and are instantly taken in by its charm, where the senses wake up to a land of contrasts and colour, bathed in transparent waters. Exploring the island, discovering its treasures and allowing yourself to be absorbed by the magic becomes an easy task for tourists and locals alike.

Although its main attraction for visitors are its coves and beaches, it is also very attractive for its nature.


Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Menorca has a great ecological and landscape wealth.

It is a very attractive destination for sporting activities, enjoying active tourism by hiking along its countless paths, cycling, playing golf or paddle tennis, horse riding along the coastline, going on routes along the coves, or practising water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, canoeing or diving, to contemplate the island's marvellous seabed.


Menorca offers an array of leisure options, especially during the tourist season, from walking around its village streets, enjoying night-time open-air concerts, strolling through craft markets to enjoying its gastronomy, rooted in Mediterranean tradition and adapted to the latest trends. Its typical products include cheese with the Menorcan Protected Designation of Origin, specialty sausages and lobster stew of course, among many others.

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Another of its attractions is its archaeological and cultural heritage. You will discover interesting monumental sites such as the historic centre of Ciutadella, prehistoric remains such as the Naveta des Tudons, a variety of archaeological sites, and even small fishing villages that still preserve their ancient traditions. Renting a car is a comfortable way to get to know the island, as the maximum distance between the two points is no more than 47 kilometres.

Menorca’s cultural tradition can be experienced in its popular celebrations and horse festivals that are unique and hearfelt, starting in June with the well known Sant Joan festival and that continue in each of its villages and neighbourhoods finishing around mid September.


Last but not least are the 7 lighthouses along the island's coastline. The sunsets, especially at the Cavalleria lighthouse, offer a unique moment that we highly recommend.

It is precisely these lighthouses that have inspired the creation and name of the company. They are a part of our lives and the essence of our beloved island. We await you.